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Australia leads in “design” of engagement rings.

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Australia leads in “design” of engagement rings.


SketcheWith so many beautiful commodities coming from Australia it is to be expected we are at the forefront of engagement ring design.

Varoujan jewellers is a leading engagement ring designer based in Sydney. Offering an in house bespoke service so you can create the engagement ring of your dreams. The bespoke process allows you to have a beautiful hand craft master piece that encapsulates your very own sophisticated style. You can enjoy sitting down with our extremely talented jewellery designer and have your dream ring sketched out to your finger size while you watch on, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing every last minute detail you envisage transform into a reality. You may consider one of Australia’s unique Mother Nature gems to feature in your engagement ring.


At Varoujan you will be impressed by the selection of engagement ring designs. The classic solitaire, (the ring du jour), the Halo, to the elaborate award winning signature designer engagement rings. There is bound to be a stunner with your name on it.

The demand for the pink Diamonds has been gaining momentum, with the expected closure of the Western Australian Argyle mine in 2019. More clients are wanting this rare beauty set into their engagement ring as pink is often thought of as the colour of love.



yellow ring

You may not be aware of how much this amazing country has to offer, Australia produces over 96% of the world’s Opals, The Ellendale Diamond mine produces over 50% of the world’s finest Fancy Yellow Diamonds and The Argyle Diamond mine produces over 90% of the world’s Pink Diamonds, The Argyle mine also produces Red, Blue, White, Chocolate and many other natural coloured Diamonds. Gold, Sapphires, Emeralds, South Sea Pearls and many other extraordinary gemstones and minerals are also mined in various locations around Australia. Perfect inspiration for Australian Jewellery Designers.


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Bespoke process

Tanzanite Ring

Visit our beautiful showroom in the Sydney Westfield & talk to Varoujan or one of our skilled designers and jewellery experts to talk about different metals Gemstones / Diamonds. Whilst we have plenty inspire you, we’d love to hear your ideas and put them to paper and production.



Linda Engagement Ring

Varoujan has always enjoyed the creative side of his craft. Being trained in diamond setting. Varoujan set exquisite pieces of jewellery for leading International & Local Jewellers, being a diamond setter he closely experiencedmany different genres of classical Bespoke Pieces individually customised to the client’s particular specifications.




Varoujan will listen to the customer & make sure the design caters for the specific needs of the individual. The diamonds are sourced direct from prime international manufactures, Varoujan then hand crafts his jewellery masterpieces, and sets the gemstones in his Sydney workshop.



Throughout the manufacturing process, the piece will be photographed sharing the whole experience with the customer. No effort will be spared to ensure the piece is manufactured to perfection. Skill & Artistic aptitude combine the outcome is an individual piece of timeless elegance to be enjoyed by the wearer and a treasured hand me down for future generations.



Designing Background



Varoujan’s years of experience as a diamond setter enabled him personally to consult a multitude of world leading designers, combining skill and individual flair resulted in Varoujan winning three Australian best design awards. The Varoujan customer expects attention to detail. Premium quality Gem & Diamond selection, an eye for the individual.



yellow ring

Never short of ideas Varoujan, will be there for the customer throughout the designing process, the manufacturing and the final stages of your masterpiece being delivered to you.

The whole experience of dealing with Varoujan at his beautiful boutique in Sydney, is a one of a kind experience treasured by many.





Engagement Rings Sydney

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Varoujan Jewellers is an Australian company located in Sydney established in 1977. Specialising in hand crafted diamond engagement rings and bespoke jewellery, you are bound to find something desirable with in our Boutique. We have in house jewellery designers, diamond graders and gemologists that can assist you with the diamond your heart desires.


Our Boutique is located in the heart of the CBD in Westfield Sydney on Level 3, Shop 3048-B 188 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Entrance via Castlereagh Street Level next to Hugo Boss and Mulberry. Visit our Boutique and meet our friendly staff that will give you their undivided attention.

Varoujan Jewellers prides itself on abiding by the Kimberley Process and only dealing in conflict-free diamonds.


Engagement ring trends 2017

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2017 shows the rising trend of coloured diamond Engagement rings. With the imminent closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine, expected in 2020, Varoujan Jewellers are noticing an increased demand for these alluring stones.




Also noted is a popular demand for Diamond shapes other than the round  brilliant cut.



Linda Engagement Ring

Blue Sapphire rings are capturing the hearts of many more ladies. Sapphires are found in an assortment of colours.  With a rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, these gemstones are second hardest to Diamond, which makes them an ideal option for an engagement ring.



Yellow gold has not been so popular in recent years, now it’s making a comeback. The warm gold tone suits most complexions, so it’s no wonder that this precious metal is trending again.



Engagement rings are blooming right now with floral designs adding a soft feminine touch.



The Vintage style is beloved for its intricacy and femininity. Whether you opt for a handmade antique or a vintage-inspired design, you can’t help but be captivated by the distinctive charm of the bygone era.

large diamDiamonds are a girl’s best friend and the bigger the better seems to be the trend of today.


Fancy Coloured Diamonds

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Fancy coloured Diamonds come in every spectrum of colour. They are very sought after – particularly the Argyle pink Diamond, which can command a very high price because of its rarity. Not all fancy coloured Diamonds command such high prices but are still desirable as they are considered to be different from the norm.

The Argyle Diamond mine located in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of the world’s largest sources of natural coloured Diamonds.

The mine produces white, champagne, cognac, blue and highly prized pink Diamonds.

coloured diam

Varoujan Jewellers offer a large selection of Argyle pink Diamonds as well as yellow and other highly sought after fancy coloured Diamonds.

Varoujan Diamonds are strictly sourced from manufacturers adhering to the Kimberley Process to ensure conflict free stock.

Visit our CBD Boutique and discover the wonder of coloured Diamonds.


Handmade vs Cast Jewellery

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Established in 1977 and specializing in the art of hand crafted bespoke masterpieces Varoujan Jewellers are one of Sydney’s leading jewellery designers.

To own a piece of jewellery from Varoujan Jewellers is to own a masterpiece that will be admired and cherished for years to come. A handcrafted piece of jewellery has a luxurious feel of quality that can’t be replicated through casting or through mass production. A handmade Varoujan ring is made with forged metal – this assures you that the piece will last 10 times longer than a cast or printed alternative.

Think about it – for example your grandparents or great grandparent’s rings have lasted the test of time because they were made by hand with forged metal.

The major difference between handmade and cast rings is the strength in the metal, particularly the strength in the claws. Unfortunately many produced rings on display in almost every jewellery store have NOT been hand made, but have instead been cast to keep costs down… This is detrimental to the durability of the ring.

Jewellery that is produced using CAD, wax models and casting is NOT handmade, and it’s true description should be that it was hand-finished which is more accurate

A Varoujan Jewellers hand crafted ring has had the gold rolled and heated, rolled and heated a countless number of times (much like a samurai sword) until it has passed Varoujan quality control tests. Once the forged metal has been approved and up to our standards, your custom piece of jewellery is worked upon for upwards of 50 hours (depending on the complexity of the job).

At Varoujan Jewellers we pride ourselves in creating jewellery that will be worn and last for generations to come. Let us create something truly amazing for you…

Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands

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mens-ring-45Diamonds…men’s best friend? Women get them, so why can’t men? These questions are inevitable when it comes to deciding if a bit of bling is best for your ring. Diamonds are making their mark more and more in men’s wedding bands. Whether it be a single diamond or a line of diamonds, a diamond is an equally beautiful expression for a men’s wedding band as it is for a woman.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to have a diamond in your wedding band, it is a very personal decision. Once you have decided if a diamond wedding band is for you, you then have to decide how to set the diamond(s) and how many you would like, this can often become quite overwhelming. If you are not someone who has an interest in jewellery or do not wear any jewellery apart from a watch, it does not mean that a diamond set wedding band is not for you, it may just mean that you approach it differently. For example, here at Varoujan Jewellers, we would suggest setting a more masculine cut diamond into your wedding band, such as a princess cut or baguette cut which is a great way of incorporating a diamond without having to worry about too much sparkle. The size of the diamond you decide upon will also affect how much presence it bears upon your ring, where a smaller diamond set slightly more inconspicuously will suit someone who is not wanting their wedding band to be too much of a statement.

mens-ring-8For those who are slightly more daring, diamonds can be incorporated into men’s wedding bands in creative and beautiful ways, as evident in our Varoujan Boutique collection of men’s diamond wedding bands. Here at Varoujan Jewellers we specialise in creating one off unique handmade creations and that extends to our men’s wedding bands, incorporating all different cut white, black and even blue diamonds.

So, if you are unsure if a diamond wedding band is suitable for you or your loved one, make sure to visit our Varoujan Westfield Boutique to experience our range of beautiful men’s wedding bands, including those that features diamonds. Making the leap to a men’s diamond wedding band for some gentlemen can be too much, however, for those who choose diamonds, they can rest assured that here at Varoujan our designs and quality are far superior, ensuring that you enjoy your ring in ‘sickness and in health’.

April’s birthstone, the Diamond

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april-gemstone-diamondThe Diamond is the birthstone of April and the anniversary the traditional symbol of love, and the ancients believed they were hardened dew drops, splinters from the stars or crystallized lightning. Today, the gem-grade diamonds are used to make fine jewellery and engagement rings. Varoujan Jewellers in Sydney Westfield specialise in all diamond jewellery, from a simple diamond solitaire pendant to diamond studs, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond engagement and wedding rings. The diamond is also the anniversary gemstone for the 10th and 60th years of marriage.

Since diamonds are composed of a single element, they are the purest of all gemstones. Diamonds were discovered in India in 500 B.C., and the name “diamond” comes from the Greek word “Adamas” which means unconquerable – suggesting the eternity of love.

A diamond is the hardest substance known to humankind, and is made of a crystallized carbon that has unique powers of light reflection.

Formed deep in the earth’s mantle, they were brought closer to the Earth’s surface through volcanic activity. They range from colorless to yellow, brown, grey, orange, green, blue, black, purple, pink and in rare instances, red.

Some interesting facts about diamonds:

The word carat comes from the Carob Mediterranean tree whose seed was used for centuries as the standard of weighing precious stones.

Only one polished diamond out of a thousand weighs more than one carat.

1 carat = .2 grams or .007 ounces.

The top three diamonds mines in the world are: Botswana (24 million carats), Russia (17.8 million carats) and Canada (10.9 million carats)

The largest rough diamond, discovered in 1905, is the Cullinan diamond, weighing in at 3,106 carats.

Diamonds are cut in so many shapes and sizes, round brilliant cuts are the most popular due to their scintillation. Cushion cuts, radiant, princess, oval, pear, emerald, asscher, heart, triliant and marquise are the most popular cuts after the round brilliant cut for diamond engagement rings. Whether you are considering a diamond solitaire engagement ring, a “halo” style, or a trilogy style engagement ring, at Varoujan Jewellers we will make your special romantic experience with us memo(2.8 pounds).rable and one that you will love to share with all your family and friends.

As the saying goes, diamonds really do last forever, and they are a girl’s best friend. They’ve been around for billions of years for a reason. Unless you chip or crack your diamond it will last you your whole lifetime. It won’t tarnish or change colour. It will always remain beautiful don’t forget to clean your diamonds. Every once in a while, pop into our friendly showroom in Westfield Sydney for a complimentary clean and check of all your diamond jewellery.

Her Ring Size; Don’t be left ‘on bended knee’

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How to judge your fiancée’s finger size without her catching onto you, here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • If you are one of the lucky ones who’s fiancée wears a ring on her ring finger on her right hand, take advantage of this and when she is not around quickly trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper and from this, at Varoujan jewellers, we are able to judge her ring size.
  • Another option is to try one of your fiancée’s rings on your finger and note with a pen where it comes up to, however, make sure that you note which finger and what hand she wears the ring on.
  • If you are certain that your fiancée already wears other rings, then a tapered candle can be a great way of ascertaining her ring size. Slip one of the rings that she often wears over the tapered candle and then mark with a pen where the ring sits on the candle. With the use of this simple prop your fiancée’s ring size can be easily deciphered.
  • Your fiancée’s clothing size is a great tool for judging her finger size, so next time she leaves the room try and sneak a peek at what size clothing she is wearing.
  • Another handy trick in estimating your fiancée’s ring size is to have a small bar of soap with you and when you are left unattended, quickly press the ring into the soap, ensuring to make an imprint. Make sure you wipe the soap residue off the ring so as not to give yourself away!
  • A creative way of uncovering your fiancée’s ring size is to ask one of her friends to pretend she is beginning to look for an engagement ring and to take your fiancée with her and whilst they are browsing the jewellery stores to have her friend tell her to take her finger size, just for the future!
  • When shopping for an engagement ring for your fiancée it is always good to have a picture of her with you, as here at Varoujan, we are able to assess her ring size through viewing a picture of her and her hand.

Ring on fingerSo if you want your proposal to remain a surprise, ensure you try one if not a few of the above steps to ensure your fiancée’s ring size is as accurate as possible so that your ‘on bended knee’ wasn’t for nothing!

Need more help? Contact us to see how we can make your diamond buying process much easier.

Cushion cut Diamonds and the Halo Engagement Ring

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Everything Old is New Again

lady-monaco-engagement-ringThe desire for incredibly soft, dreamlike and ultra feminine jewellery and fashion continues as a strong trend in 2014.

The halo engagement ring, particularly the cushion cut halo engagement ring captures this desire in the world of fine jewellery. We are living in shifting cultural and economic times and the vintage halo design references a more innocent, carefree era. Today everything old is new again, and high-end jewellers are recreating bespoke vintage engagement rings.

The pure vintage appeal of the cushion cut halo ring channels our desire for a princess perfect ring with Hollywood glamour. Recent movies such as The Great Gatsby, Anna Karenina, and Downton Abbey reflect the theme of vintage, rococo and deco styling.


Traditionally, the halo design featured a cushion cut diamond in the centre of the ring. Until recently, it was relatively difficult to find decent high quality Cushion Cut Diamonds for sale outside of auctions or estate sales. However, cushion cut diamonds are now more plentiful on the market, given the increase in demand for vintage style engagement rings.

Halo Engagement RingA cushion cut diamond has an enduring beauty all of its own that will always be preferred by those who appreciate subtlety over bling. A cushion cut diamond is often referred to as the ‘candlelight’ diamond. It has a beautiful subtle sparkle and a refined look, which softly reflects light, flickering like a candle.

The Cushion Cut is a generic name for the Old Mine Cut designed in the early 20th century. A cushion cut is a square or rectangular cut diamond with rounded corners, resembling a pillow shape, hence the name! Cushion cut diamonds vary widely and the final choice is very much down to personal taste. The highest quality stones tend to have high crowns and small tables, like an old mine cut diamond.


Of course, the cushion cut diamond is not the only diamond that suits the halo style. Here at Varoujan jewellers we have many halo designs, featuring round brilliant cut halo rings, double halo rings (for a bigger look), pear shaped halo rings, rose gold halo rings, and coloured stone halo rings.

Pavarotti Engagement RingCome and visit us soon to view our halo engagement rings, or make an appointment with our designer to create your own bespoke halo engagement ring, designed to order, for your own fairytale engagement ring.