It almost seems like today, fewer people are getting married compared to in the past. And although that may be true, there are still countless benefits to being officially married to someone.

You may have some relatives that jokingly say that marriage was a mistake, but in reality without marriages, people’s lives would be immensely different. So why exactly should you want to spend your life with someone, or what difference does having a ring on your finger make to the relationship?

Although you can only tell if a couple is married pretty much because of a ring on the finger, there are undoubtedly some things that being officially married can help with. Whether it is health, financial or societal related, marriage is still something that is huge in the culture of the world.

You can embrace tradition and culture

Marriage has been around for an astonishingly long amount of time. In fact, it goes well before the times of Christ. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all had their own methods and ways of getting married. Leading into the middle ages, Christianity shaped the way we get married today.

Although Christianity largely defined western culture’s views on marriage, lots of people have decided to incorporate parts of their own culture into a wedding. For instance, people with Asian backgrounds can still choose to have a “western” type of wedding but they can have bits and pieces of their own culture.

Countries like India, Greece, Mexico and Italy are also well known to have fun and exciting weddings and you will often even see other cultures trying to take from them.

Some people are not interested in traditions though, and you will often find them having nice casual weddings at parks or beaches. Instead of having a priest or religious figure, they will have a celebrant.

Legal & Societal benefits

Many people may not be fully aware of all the legal benefits that come with being married, compared to being in a de facto relationship. This may vary depending on your country or state that you are living in, but generally, there are some main things internationally that a lot of countries follow.

During an emergency situation, married couples are able to do a lot more things than someone in a de facto relationship, such as staying in a room or obtaining things if their partner has not written a will.

During the Covid pandemic, flights were heavily restricted. In some cases, only married couples were allowed to travel together. When married, you have the benefits of not only a national but internationally recognised partnership - by showing your marriage certificate. There are also certain types of insurance that can only be obtained by people who are married.

In certain cultures, it can be considered unusual for you to be unmarried and live together. Thus, if you have a partner from a foreign country and want to fit in more and adapt to their culture - then getting married will help with that.

You may also find some benefits when going about your taxes when married to someone.

There are many more benefits, but again it really depends on your state and country of residence, so it may be worth looking them up on your own.

Better health

Lots of single people are familiar with feelings of loneliness. This may be even worse if you happen to be living completely alone..

When married, you will pretty much always have someone by your side to support you. Various studies have been done over the years demonstrating that being lonely can contribute to a lot of mental issues as well as physical problems. 

When you are with the right partner, the world can feel amazing. You can feel understood, and appreciated and the feeling of having someone truly love and accept you for who you are is amazing.

Men tend to reap the health benefits of marriage more than women, but they can also be extra impacted in a negative way if a divorce were to occur.

Financial security

Being married to someone can lead to being a bit more secure in the financial world, and it doesn’t mean that you need to get with someone who is rich.

A lot of married couples will have a shared bank account, plus having two incomes instead of one is obviously going to mean that more money is coming in. If you were single, you would pretty much be fully independent and reliant on your own wage. For people who may not be so lucky with their money, having a partner by your side financially can literally change your life and circumstances.

Married couples can conjure up large plans and dreams together and make it possible thanks to the fact that they can work together financially.


If children were raised by their own mother and father, they are statistically more likely to experience certain benefits. 

Children raised by their own married parents are less likely to be poor or to experience economic insecurity, more likely to continue staying in school, be less vulnerable to mental health problems like depression and are more likely to have a good outlook when thinking of marriage and feel the need to have a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with someone.

It is common to see children struggling when their parents are not together. Bad behaviour, carelessness and antisocial patterns may be found in children who may be living with single parents.

In a lot of cultures, it is also the norm to get married before having children - so if you or your partner’s family will appreciate marriage before children, then getting married can certainly help. Again, this is purely up to the choice of both parties.

Raising children happily as a married couple definitely increases their odds of wanting to get married and continue the bloodline on their own. But children who have been raised witnessing their parents having a troublesome marriage are unsurprisingly going to find getting married something to avoid.

Longer, more meaningful relationships

When couples are married, they feel more of a need to resolve conflicts and work things out. Marriage can also offer a lot of structure and meaning to a relationship, depending on your views.

In a lot of cases, couples will get married in order to make their relationship “official” and have some sort of greater bond with one another. This makes sense, with a lot of marriages you will get recognised as being married in the church, as well as in the government.

A memorable wedding day can also emphasise the importance of one another to the couple.


At the end of the day, marriage is something that will continue to happen until the end of time. Although couples can still be happy living together without a ring on their finger, getting married comes with some undeniable benefits:

  • Being able to embrace tradition and culture
  • Various benefits legally and in society
  • Improved mental and physical health for both
  • A more financially secure lifestyle
  • Children raised by married parents can experience benefits too
  • The chance to have a longer and more meaningful relationship

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