Choosing an engagement ring and planning for the proposal is surely exciting. And it's easy to get emotional and carried away with your feelings. However, keep in mind that an engagement ring is an expensive purchase, so you want to make sure you do it right.

Let us help you find the right ring for you and your partner that you can wear daily and suits your lifestyle

Impact of Your Job on Your Ring

An engagement ring is expected to last as long as your marriage. However, choosing a ring that will survive the daily wear and tear over time is possible by considering what you do for your living and your overall lifestyle. 

  • High-Risk Jobs

Public servants in the military fighting for their country or in engineering, welding beams midair, or even workers working near electricity need to be very particular about the type of jewellery they wear daily. When choosing a ring for such high-risk fields, your engagement ring needs to be simple and elegant, which won't be an issue when you move your hands quickly. Moreover, the rings should be discreet, not causing a lot of attention. Even the stones on rings for such people must be held extra securely. Therefore, most people customize their engagement rings according to what fits the job best.

  • Caregiving Career

A caregiving career involves nurses, doctors, stay-at-home moms, and teachers. In such a field, you have to wash your hands frequently and care for people with your own hands. Your ring might scratch them or snag on their clothes in such cases. Moreover, in this field, one has to wear gloves often, so a ring should be of such a style that it doesn't rip your gloves.

  • High Profile Jobs

If you are a public figure and your job requires you to be in front of a camera often, your ring should be such that it reflects what you want the world to see. People constantly in the spotlight are expected to appear and act in a specific way, and their jewelry should reflect this. People in such fields mostly prefer rings with larger diamonds.

  • Handwork Jobs

If your job involves many of your hands, like that of a sculptor, chef, or landscaper, your ring should be a simple design. The design should be such that it doesn’t have a lot of nooks or anything that could probably catch dirt. You would want a kind of ring that is easy to clean. 

What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About Your Personality

  • Round Cut Ring

Round-cut diamonds are the most commonly found cut for engagement rings as they have a classic look and allow the true colour and brilliance to shine. Such rings have a certain vintage feel that highlights their classic look. It is perfect for traditional and romantic brides. 

  • Princess Cut Diamond Ring

These are square-shaped with rounded edges. This unique shape makes your ring stand out from others in the market. The square shape creates more bling when light hits it. This type of shape ring is perfect for someone who wants to add a little bling without going overboard.

  • Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

These rings have a long triangular shape, like an emerald stone, with pointy corners. Women who prefer something elegant but different from traditional round-cut diamonds opt for this shape.

  • Oval Cut Diamond

These are perfect for ones with an artistic streak. This shape blends classic with a twist of a contemporary look. Oval shape rings are best suited for short fingers as this shape makes them look longer. 

  • Heart Cut Ring

Heart-cut diamonds are becoming popular recently as they present a unique look compared to regular round-cut diamonds. This type of shape is perfect for ones who want to stand out from the crowd and are more than happy to wear their heart on their hands. However, these diamonds are a tad bit expensive compared to other shapes because of their cuts.

  • Pear Cut Ring

Pear-cut diamonds are often described as a teardrop shape. These are popular among brides as they give a vintage feel. If you want something unique, this shape in an antique-style setting is the perfect bet. These pears cut diamond rings were very popular in the Victorian Era and made a statement piece for your special day.

  • Royal Family Replica

This is a perfect choice if you want an engagement ring that can express your love. This style is inspired by the royal family and their exquisite taste in jewellery. It features a big central stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. If you want a piece that makes a statement, this is it!

  • Coloured Gemstone

If you’re a fashionista and looking for a piece that is a trendsetter, something that stands out, this is your best fit. Brides who opt for coloured diamond rings will be the centre of attention and hot in fashion. Your special piece will be a perfect fusion of modern and classic, making it a timeless affair with a contemporary twist.

Find Your Perfect Diamond Ring

Choosing a diamond ring that fits your lifestyle is a big decision. However, with proper guidance, this should be manageable. Remember to keep your lifestyle, daily activities, personal style, and budget while choosing that perfect ring for yourself. With Varoujan’s stunning collection of diamond rings, you will surely find the one that perfectly fits your unique personality and lifestyle. So, are you ready to find your dream ring? Visit our website today and look at our exquisite collection of diamond engagement rings. You deserve the best on one of the best days of your life. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Get in touch with us for craftsmanship, quality, and beauty that will last a lifetime.