Engagement rings have long been considered a representation of devotion and love. Over the year, ring trends have evolved for several reasons. For example, fashion trends significantly influence engagement ring trends. Antique-style engagement rings may become more desirable when vintage bridals are in fashion. In contrast, people choose elegant and simple engagement rings if minimalism is in style. 

Moreover, cultural traditions and beliefs also impact engagement ring trends. In some cultures, a certain type of stone or setting could be considered traditional or lucky. Thus, leading to an increase in the demand for rings made with those stones. 

Celebrity engagement rings also impact modern engagement ring trends. When a high-profile celebrity gets engaged, their engagement often becomes a topic of conversation. Also, it serves as a source of inspiration for engagement ring buyers. You can find the ring's details on social media, including the diamond's size, cut, and setting. 

This article further elaborates on the impact of celebrity engagement rings on modern engagement ring trends. So, read on to learn more. 

The Impact of Celebrity Engagement Rings on Modern Engagement Ring Trends

Celebrities generally have glamorous lifestyles and large budgets. Thus, they can purchase the most luxurious and unique engagement rings worldwide. These rings become a source of inspiration for the rest of the world. As a result, the designs and styles of engagement rings have become more unconventional. 

Over the years, several celebrity rings have changed and shaped ring trends. For example, one of the most influential celebrity engagement rings of all time is that of Princess Diana. 

The ring features a large, oval-shaped sapphire surrounded by diamonds and is set in white gold. The ring was considered unconventional and unique for its time. At that time, diamonds were a more common choice for engagement rings. 

However, Diana’s ring quickly became a viral trend, and many people began to copy it. Sapphire engagement rings remain a popular choice even today. 

Engagement rings don’t always have to have diamonds. In the past few years, pearl jewellery has become increasingly popular again. Emma Stone exemplified this trend. She received a pearl and diamond engagement ring from Dave McCary. This ring was custom-created by designer Yoshinobu Kataoka and featured a Japanese Akoya Pearl at its centre. The stone is surrounded by a halo of 0.37 carats of diamonds arranged in a snowflake-like pattern. Moreover, the entire ring is made of yellow gold. 

Peal engagement rings have also been seen on celebrities like Ariana Grande and Michelle Williams. Pearls are meaningful for engagement rings because they symbolize loyalty, wisdom, and purity. Moreover, pearls come in many shapes and colours and are organic gems. 

Besides influencing engagement ring stone choices, celebrities have also significantly impacted engagement ring settings. For example, Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring featured a large, round-cut diamond set in a simple, elegant band. It inspired many brides to go for minimalist settings. The classic and timeless design of Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring is perfect for those who want a timeless ring. 

Similarly, some celebrities popularized unique and unconventional settings, such as split-shank bands, double halos, and coloured diamonds. 

For example, Blake Lively's engagement ring features a large, oval-cut diamond set in a rose gold band. Moreover, it has a delicate, diamond-encrusted band that splits into two. So, these rings are ideal for brides looking to make a statement with their engagement rings. 

Furthermore, celebrities have also influenced the size of engagement ring diamonds. Many people are now opting for larger and more extravagant diamonds. For example, Kim Kardashian's engagement ring from Kanye West features a stunning 15-carat diamond set in a simple, elegant band. The ring's sheer size and extravagance inspired many couples to get large-sized diamonds. 

Another example is the two-stone setting engagement ring. Who says you can only have one stone on your engagement ring? In the jewellery industry, the two-stone setting is known as the "Toi et Moi" design, French for "you and me." Couples can express their love and connection by placing the jewels next to one another. 

This ring trend came from Megan Fox's unique engagement ring, which rapper Machine Gun Kelly custom created for her. It includes two pear-shaped stones representing the couple’s birthstones. The rapper also had the ring mounted on a band covered in thorns. 

While being an old design, rose-cut diamonds have recently gained popularity among jewellery enthusiasts. Other antique cuts like Old Mine and Old Euro Cut Diamonds are part of this trend because of their unique appeal and subtle elegance. 

Charlie McDowell gave Lily Collins, who played Emily in Paris and is the daughter of Phil Collins, a rose-cut diamond solitaire. Los Angeles-based jeweller Irene Neuwirth made the ring. It has a bezel-set diamond and a yellow-gold band. These fashionable design elements give premium jewellery a more relaxed and comfortable feel. Rose-cut diamonds feature triangular facets and a flat bottom, giving them a unique appearance. It also makes them appear bigger than their actual size.

Besides influencing the size, setting, and style of engagement ring diamonds, celebrities have also influenced the ethical and sustainable practices used in diamond mining. 

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio advocate for sustainable and ethical diamond mining practices, which is increasing demand for ethically sourced diamonds. Moreover, this has also encouraged jewellers to offer ethically sourced diamonds and adopt sustainable practices.

The Most Popular Choice of Metals by Celebrities

Celebrities typically select metals that indicate their style and the event they attend. The most popular metals celebrities are spotted wearing include rose gold, platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. 

Due to its durability and ability to securely hold diamonds and jewels, platinum is a favourite among many celebrities. Platinum wedding bands and engagement rings have been spotted on the fingers of famous people, including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Celebrities often choose white gold since it is less costly and resembles platinum. This metal has been seen on celebrities like Katy Perry, Megal Markle, and Emily Ratajkowski.

Moreover, yellow gold is a timeless choice for engagement rings. Many celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid, have opted for yellow gold for their engagement. Yellow gold rings are often worn with vintage or bohemian-inspired attire.

Furthermore, in recent years, rose gold (a pinkish colour) has become a popular metal. Rose gold shade has been a popular colour for the past colour of years. It is fresh, delicate, and feminine, and many celebrities opted for it for their engagement. For example, Blake Lively, Emma Stone, and Kate Hudson. 

Final Word 

Overall, the impact of celebrity engagement rings on modern engagement ring trends cannot be overstated. Celebrities have significantly impacted engagement ring trends from the size and style of diamonds. They have also influenced ethical practices in diamond mining. As celebrities continue to make headlines with their engagement rings, engagement ring trends will likely continue to be influenced by them. To purchase a trendy engagement ring, visit Varoujan Jewellers today!