Rainbow jewellery has gained popularity over the past few years.

At Varoujan we introduce The Tutti Frutti and Spring design collection. Absorbing an array of spectacular colour, the alluring quality gemstones are ones you cannot resist. Rainbow coloured jewellery has a joyful appeal which brings the adorned wearer endless amounts of happiness.

Did you know that Diamonds and Gemstones come in a variety of different colours?

Sapphires are not quintessentially blue. Mother natures waves her want creatively introducing us to yellow, pink, green, purple and orange to name a few. When contrasted alongside white diamonds these stunning gems colours are intensified creating a rainbow of colour that is a pleasure to wear.

Diamonds don’t only come in white. The second most famous colour would be pink, they are also famous for being rare, with 95% of pink diamonds coming from Australia’s Argyle Diamond mine, which its imminent closure is projected to be 2020. These pretty pink diamonds are highly sought after also translating into an exclusive investment opportunity. The next popular colour is yellow, and why wouldn’t it be it’s the colour of sunshine after all. You can all so get chocolate and champagne diamonds which have a lovely earthy tone to them as well as sounding appealing.

One of the lesser known colours is probably blue it is not like the blue you think of as in sapphires, but more of a steal grey or best known as the Blue diamond, these are also extremely rare, they can create a nice touch to any gentleman’s jewellery or ladies as they wish. A beautiful way of getting the most colour out of a stone is by setting the stone in the same colour gold, say for instance you have a pink diamond or pink gemstone you can maximise the colour by set it in pink gold to make its colour stand out more, the same can be done with yellow diamonds and yellow gemstones to set them in yellow gold. You want to make a statement after all don’t you?

 By combining different colours you can achieve a very individual style that will brighten your day and bring you immense pleasure, seize the moment and book an appointment with our very talented jewellery designer who can assist you in creating a beautiful unique masterpiece that will be envied and admired by all.