There comes a right place and a right time for absolutely everything.

There’s the right age to move out, the right career choice, and the right person to get married to. Perhaps, anything regarding marriage and commitment to someone is one of the most important things that you will ever have to consider.

In life, your partner will likely be the centre of your world - and chances are they can give you children. Marriage is something to never take lightly, as it is a promise and a vow to someone that you would like to spend your life together.

But again, there comes a right place and a right time. Here are some tips:

When you’re the “right” age

These days, people are starting to get married older. Usually around their late 20s or 30s, for some, it is even their 40s. There is no rush in order to get married, but you also may want to consider if you are mature enough in age just yet.

Most countries allow people to get married at the age of 18, but this quite obviously does not mean that you need to get married as soon as possible. At 18 years old, people are not really as mature as they can really be just yet, and are technically still in their teenage years.

Naturally, our brains reach total maturity at around 25 years of age. If you think about it, people in their teens and early 20s can still do some foolish things, so if you are a little younger then maybe consider waiting for just a bit.

Centuries (and even decades ago), it was not unusual for people to get married at even younger ages. Nowadays, if you were to ask some of the older people that got married at around 18 - 20, chances are they will tell you that they should have waited.

There is definitely a “too young” to be married, but on the other hand there really is not an age where you are “too old”. It is not completely unheard of for couples to live together for many years only to decide to get married together much later on.

When you have been together long enough

Probably one of the first things you will have your parents ask you is if you think it may be a little too early to think of marriage just yet. It is often best avoided to start proposing to someone after being in a relationship with them for only a short while.

This means if you have been together for just under a year, maybe give it a little longer. This is so you really get to know and understand your partner better, and be able to learn their patterns and behaviours to the fullest.

Even when people date for a few years, something can just snap all of a sudden and the relationship can go downhill. This is something that you should always consider before getting married; whether or not you think you and your partner are truly going to last.

You may be comfortable financially

Engagement rings, weddings and just simply being married can take quite a toll on your wallet. This is why it is wise to consider your current relationship with money before you act on anything just yet. Sure, it is definitely fine to get married when things can be a little hard, but also you may want to imagine how nice an expensive ring or wedding is.

Most people who are married have also moved into a house together. These days especially, getting a house can be exceptionally rough. It may be a good idea to save up a significant amount of money and put off tying the knot just yet - because as mentioned, there is no rush to do so anyway.

If you are fortunate enough to already be living in a house together and feel like you have the right amount for the ideal ring, then you are a couple of steps closer to proposing.

If you have already talked about starting a family

A good indicator that you and your partner are doing well together and thinking for the future is if you have expressed interest to one another in having children together. Children can be one of the most beautiful and rewarding things about adult life, and should obviously be shared with someone that you think you will spend your life with.

If your partner also often talks about how interested they are in having kids, and all the things that they want to do with them - then that is a sign that they are a keeper. Often, if your partner is very caring and nurturing, and often has a lot of time for young children then they are the type to want to settle down and become family orientated. This is a trait that is going to work really well long term, so if marriage and lifelong relationships are a priority for you then you may want to stick by them.

If your family encourages it

If your family seem to absolutely adore your partner and treat them like they are already family, then this is often a good sign and a proposal may seem like a great option. If you find your mother, father or other family members are having a lot of time and interest in your partner then it shows that they can currently see that your partner is a good match for you.

Family, especially parents, often know what is best for someone. If they can see that your partner is genuinely making you happier in life and bringing the family together, then they are unsurprisingly going to favour them.

This may be a bit confusing for other cultures though; where marriage is something that is already determined and approved of by the family.

When you both are in good situations during your life

If there is a time when NOT to propose, it will often be during difficult and emotional times. For instance, if you or your partner are going through grief, job loss, something traumatic, etc then you should hold off before doing anything. This is because it may be inappropriate to do so, plus you and your partner may not be thinking one hundred percent clear.

If you find that you are running smoothly in your career, and there are not any major ongoing problems in your life then proposing is going to be easier. During hard and stressful times, we all know that our mind is not thinking in an ideal way. So that means that you could end up getting married and serious with someone simply because your emotional state is making you desperate for some sort of love.


Keep in mind that these tips are only general bits of advice and should be taken with a grain of salt. Always do what you think is right, but also be well aware that marriage is a commitment and should be contemplated heavily before going through it.

The next step is finding out how exactly you want to propose. This can be something quite nerve-racking, but in the end you will hopefully look back with a big sigh of relief.
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