Established in 1977 and specializing in the art of hand crafted bespoke masterpieces Varoujan Jewellers are one of Sydney’s leading jewellery designers.

To own a piece of jewellery from Varoujan Jewellers is to own a masterpiece that will be admired and cherished for years to come. A handcrafted piece of jewellery has a luxurious feel of quality that can’t be replicated through casting or through mass production. A handmade Varoujan ring is made with forged metal – this assures you that the piece will last 10 times longer than a cast or printed alternative.

Think about it – for example your grandparents or great grandparent’s rings have lasted the test of time because they were made by hand with forged metal.

The major difference between handmade and cast rings is the strength in the metal, particularly the strength in the claws. Unfortunately many produced rings on display in almost every jewellery store have NOT been hand made, but have instead been cast to keep costs down… This is detrimental to the durability of the ring.

Jewellery that is produced using CAD, wax models and casting is NOT handmade, and it’s true description should be that it was hand-finished which is more accurate

A Varoujan Jewellers hand crafted ring has had the gold rolled and heated, rolled and heated a countless number of times (much like a samurai sword) until it has passed Varoujan quality control tests. Once the forged metal has been approved and up to our standards, your custom piece of jewellery is worked upon for upwards of 50 hours (depending on the complexity of the job).

At Varoujan Jewellers we pride ourselves in creating jewellery that will be worn and last for generations to come. Let us create something truly amazing for you…