The exchange of rings during weddings started long ago, with the first diamond wedding ring on the record being from 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned it for Mary of Burgundy, his betrothed.

The wedding ring tradition has undergone several stages of evolution throughout history to become what we know today finally. Despite its modern appearance and reception these days, wedding bands are still very much embedded in tradition. 

This article sheds more light on wedding rings, the ring that started the biggest celebrity marriages, the types of wedding rings, and their symbolism.

Celebrity Marriages and The Ring That Started Them.

Rings, especially diamond rings, are one of the most precious pieces of jewellery anyone can own hence the amount of PR the wedding ring of a celebrity marriage enjoys. Let us take a look at the ring that started some of these big celebrity marriages:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Sometimes in April 2022, a huge green diamond ring (the second rarest diamond hue after red)  was spotted on Jennifer Lopez's finger while she was on about her business. These led to speculations as to her relationship status. 

With a romantic history that dates far back as 2002, Bennifer, as the couple is fondly called, announced that they were engaged to be married. 

The Hollywood super couple tied the knot in Las Vegas - the world's wedding capital at the Little White Wedding Chapel. The actress, singer, and businesswoman shared a photo of her on Instagram in bed, flaunting her simple yet stunning platinum wedding ring,

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin reportedly married secretly on September 13, 2018, at the Marriage Bureau in NYC.

The celebrity couple symbolized their union using a lovely, professionally crafted gold and diamond piece.

The wedding rings on Hailey's fingers are, however, unconventionally arranged. Instead of wearing her gold, diamonds encrusted wedding ring on her left-hand fingers, she wears them on her right.

On her left hand, a beautiful diamond of unknown origin adorns her fingers. Two V-shaped gold rings surround this diamond ring with diamond encrusting.

Her husband, pop star Justin Bieber wore a classic gold wedding ring described by jewelry critics as the epitome of minimalist chic.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

Wedding and engagement rings are no stranger to the Kardashian household, which has gotten quite a number of them over the past years.

In 2019, the Kardashians first child, Kourtney, shared snaps of her breathtaking engagement ring valued at about $1 Million while announcing her engagement to Travis Barker, the Blink-182 drummer. 

Kourtney's phenomenal diamond engagement ring is oval-shaped and is estimated to be about 15 carats. The ring has a perfectly balanced design, with the huge diamond contrasting the unique and exquisite delicate pavé band.

The couple did a 'practice' wedding at a 24-hour chapel on the same night as the 2022 Grammy ceremony in which they were both in attendance, and a more proper wedding in Italy the next month.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Probably one of the most unique and beautiful custom-made engagement rings ever, singer and rapper Machine Gun Kelly proposed to his girlfriend Megan Fox early in 2022 with an emerald and diamond precious stones-laden ring.

In an Instagram post, Machine Gun Kelly explains the reason for the stones saying that the emerald stands for her birthstone and the diamond his birthstone.

The precious stones are held by two interlocking bands of thorns embedded with magnets. These bands form a symbol of two halves of the same soul that draw together and, as Kelly describes it, "forming the obscure heart that is our love."

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Easily one of the most prominent celebrity marriages of the past few decades, singer Beyonce's wedding to Jay-Z, an equally successful rapper and businessman, was a secret affair in April 2008.

Before the wedding, it was not public knowledge that the couple had even engaged. Jay-Z proposed to Beyonce in December 2007 with a 24-carat diamond sparkler.

The diamond ring, estimated to be valued at around $5 million, is emerald-cut and comes with a split band.

For 15 years now, Queen Bey has gracefully rocked her rock at red-carpet events and special occasions. Unlike a few other celebrities, Beyonce hasn't had to alter her engagement ring's original design.

Types Of Wedding Rings 

All fashion accessories come in different types and styles for people to choose from based on their preferences, and wedding rings are no exception. 

There are various types of wedding rings with different meanings and significance. Wedding ring types, styles, or finger placement could be based on personal preference or cultural practices.

  • Silver Ring 


This pristine, shiny appearance of a silver ring is ideal for people who want custom engagement rings. This is because bespoke wedding and engagement ring designers can easily shape silver metal to any design the client wants.

  • Gold Ring 


Gold wedding rings are probably the most common types of rings couples use as they can last forever and do not require high maintenance.

The pure form of gold will not give it a chance to rust or tarnish. Gold's value will always remain timeless. Hence, no such thing as a gold wedding ring becoming invaluable. 

  • Sapphire Ring 


The sapphire ring is a wedding ring with a sapphire gem at the top of the band. This precious gem comes in several hues, like pink, orange, green, purple, and blue, which are the most popular.

Sapphires are an excellent alternative to diamonds as they are just second to diamonds in durability.

  • Eternity Ring 


The concept of eternity rings was developed by De Beers, a diamond merchant, sometime in the 1960s. De Beers designed a new type of ring containing many small cut diamonds.

These diamonds are usually less than 0.25 carats per one and are encrusted around the band. This ring appeals primarily to women because of its intricate feminine look.  

What Does A Wedding/Engagement Ring Represent? 

In the past and as is now, wedding rings and engagement rings symbolize love, commitment, devotion, and the start of a new chapter.

In the earlier years of the wedding ring tradition, rings were worn as proof of contract or promise between a couple and both families.

In most cases, the wedding/engagement ring was used as a security deposit that the man gives a woman to show that his promises are as "good as gold." Wedding rings were also seen as a token of the groom's love for his bride and her family.

Recently, wedding and engagement rings have become more like statements of partnership that both genders wear once they agree to be together. 

All around the world, across thousands of cultures, engagement and wedding rings have become wedding staples, and this is not limited to just Western countries alone.

Now a global culture, most couples wish to exhibit an outward token of their love to their partners, and the presentation of an engagement ring or wedding ring is usually the best way to symbolize this. 

Bottom Line 

The significance of wedding rings in marriages can not be exaggerated. Wedding rings represent the beginning of a new chapter for couples. Without any doubt, wedding rings are a symbol of love. 
What makes the wedding rings of most celebrities so valuable and exciting are their custom designs and symbolism. If you want a ring just like your favorite celebrity, for yourself, or your partner, check out some of the best exclusive designs at Varoujan.