Have you heard of the sayings?

“There’s one for every woman”

Well… it’s a bit like that.

“I walked into a jewellery store. The man behind the counter stood up, greeted me by his name, asked for my name and wanted to know what he could help me with today. I told him that I had just started looking for an engagement ring.”

“and have you seen anything you have liked” he asked

“I might have but I cannot be sure, may be something simple” I said

He looked at me, a measured look at my ears, I knew he was checking out the earrings I was wearing, they were given to me by my grandmother.

He looked at my right hand, I was wearing an art deco ring I had bought at a fashion shop in Milan.

He observed what outfits I was wearing, and finally he said

“I can see you have a diverse but good sense in fashion. If you have a few minutes, I would love you to keep an open mind for me, and simply try on whatever I put on your finger”

True to his word, the next 7 to 10 minutes we spent trying different rings on and commenting on different aspects of the rings I was trying on.

I was enjoying myself, a no pressure environment where I was a judge, I was commenting freely and observing things I hadn’t thought of before.

I was confiding in this man and telling him things about the things I liked about the different rings, The colors, the shapes, the height of the centre diamond.

He politely asked me to sit down. He took out an A4 paper and a drawing pencil, the next five minutes I felt like I was commissioning this incredible designer to specially work for me. To design the ring I always wanted. In my subconscious I knew what I liked, but I could never picture it.

I was mesmerized, how he has been listening to every comment I made, the rings I tried on the things I liked, the things I most disliked, he was all ears….

I felt very special. This man made me feel that I was the most important person in his world today.

I walked out with the promise that I will look around and I will return.

I looked, I shopped, I flew to Melbourne and back, the more I looked the more I knew.

True to my word, I went back to see the designer, he greeted me in the same manner as he had before.

“Hello, we have met before…”

“That’s right I was here three weeks ago and you designed a ring for me. I’m Linda Lester.”

He looked in his filing cabinet and pulled out my file.

“My ring was staring at me…”

Varoujan is a designer, a jewellery designer, who understands, who observes, who believes, that you deserve the best….