Buying Your First 3-Carat Diamond

Buying a diamond is one of the most exciting moments in a couple's life. But with so many different variables when it comes to colour, clarity, cut and style, it can be difficult for a beginner to know where to start. In this article, we will break down the process of buying your first 3-carat diamond by covering some of the basics and providing tips on finding the perfect diamond.

What is a 3 Carat Diamond?

When it comes to a carat weight, the 3-carat diamond is the sweet spot. It's large enough to make a statement but not so big that it's out of reach for most budgets. So if you're shopping for a 3 carat diamond, here's what you need to know.

The average price of a 3 carat diamond is $16,500. That might sound like a lot, but remember that diamonds are priced per carat. So, a 1-carat diamond would cost around $5,500, and a 2-carat diamond would be approximately $11,000.

The size of a 3 carat diamond will vary depending on the cut. The most popular cuts for a 3 carat diamond are round and princess. Round diamonds tend to be slightly larger than princess diamonds because they have less waste when they're cut from the rough stone.

When it comes to quality, you'll want to look for a diamond with a colour grade of H or higher and a clarity grade of VS2 or higher. These are considered "eye-clean" diamonds, meaning that any imperfections are not visible to the naked eye.

Remember that the bigger the diamond, the more likely it is to have visible imperfections. So, consider a smaller size if you're looking for absolute perfection.

Finally, be sure to work with a reputable jeweller in Sydney who can help you find the perfect 3 carat diamond.

The Price of a 3 Carat Diamond

How much should you expect to pay for a 3 carat diamond? This will depend on the quality of the stone and the market conditions at the time of purchase.

A 3 carat diamond can range in price from $9,000 to $150,000+, depending on the stone's quality. The 4 C's (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) all play a role in determining the value of a diamond.

The best way to get an accurate estimate of what a 3 carat diamond might cost is to consult with a qualified jeweller. They will be able to take into account all of the factors that affect a diamond's value and give you a good idea of what to expect.

How to Buy a 3 Carat Diamond

When you are ready to purchase a 3 carat diamond, it is crucial to keep in mind the "4 Cs." The "Four Cs" of diamonds are Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Here are more details on each:

Carat weight is how a diamond is measured and is the size of the diamond.

The cut is how well the diamond has been cut and includes the height, depth, angles, and other factors. It affects the diamond's symmetry, brightness, fire, and how sparkly the diamond appears.

Clarity is how many blemishes or inclusions and is judged on a 6-point scale from included to flawless. Inclusions are internal flaws that can affect the diamond's durability or appearance, while blemishes are external markings.

Colour is judged on a scale from D (no hue) to Z (a yellow-hued diamond). Most diamonds used in engagement rings are near colourless with tints of yellow or brown. 

Keep these Four Cs in mind when shopping for your 3 carat diamond as they will affect a fifth c- price. Then, work with a qualified jeweller to find the best value 3 carat diamond that fits your budget and preferences.

How Big is a 3 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you're looking for a 3 carat diamond engagement ring, you will likely find one between 6 and 7mm in diameter. That's just under 1/4 of an inch. So how does that compare to other diamond sizes? Here's a look at some common carat weights and their corresponding diameters:

  • 1 carat diamond = 6.5 – 7mm
  • 2 carat diamond = 8 – 8.5mm
  • 3 carat diamond = 9 – 9.5mm
  • 4 carat diamond = 10 – 10.5mm
  • 5 carat diamond = 11 – 11.5mm

Keep in mind that these are just averages. The actual size of your diamond will depend on its specific cut, shape, and setting. For example, a princess-cut diamond will typically be smaller than a round-cut diamond of the same weight because it has less surface area. So if you have your heart set on a particular style of ring, be sure to factor in the size of the diamond when making your decision.

Where To Buy a 3 Carat Engagement Ring

When shopping for a 3 carat diamond engagement ring, you must find a trustworthy jeweller. Here are a few tips on where to buy a 3-carat engagement ring:

  1. Please do your research: Before you start shopping, it's essential to do your research and know what you're looking for. This will help you narrow down your options and find the best retailer for you.
  2. Consider your budget: A 3-carat diamond engagement ring can be pretty expensive, so it's important to consider your budget before you start shopping. Once you know how much you can afford to spend, you can narrow down your options and focus on retailers that offer the best value for money.
  3. Shop around: Don't just buy the first 3 carat engagement ring you see – take the time to shop around and compare different retailers before making your final decision. This way, you'll be sure to find the best possible deal on the perfect ring for you and your fiancee.

3 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes

When it comes to 3 carat diamond rings, there are a few different shapes that you can choose from. The most popular shape is the round-carat diamond, which is also the most expensive; but offers excellent symmetry and fire. Other popular shapes include the princess cut, emerald cut, and oval cut. Each of these shapes has its unique sparkle and charm. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which shape best suits your taste.

The round brilliant is a great option if you're looking for a classic and timeless look. This shape has been around for centuries and is among today's most popular choices. 

The princess cut is also popular for those who want something a little more modern. This sleek and stylish cut is perfect for making a statement. 

The emerald cut is perfect for those who love vintage style, as it resembles an old-fashioned gemstone cut. Finally, the oval cut is ideal for those who want something unique and eye-catching. 

No matter which shape you choose, you're sure to find a 3 carat diamond ring that you'll love!


Purchasing a 3 carat diamond is a big decision that requires researching ahead of time. With this guide, you can decide on the best way to buy your first 3 carat diamond and know what to expect in terms of price, quality, and beauty when you purchase a 3 carat diamond.

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