How to judge your fiancée’s finger size without her catching onto you, here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • If you are one of the lucky ones who’s fiancée wears a ring on her ring finger on her right hand, take advantage of this and when she is not around quickly trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper and from this, at Varoujan jewellers, we are able to judge her ring size.
  • Another option is to try one of your fiancée’s rings on your finger and note with a pen where it comes up to, however, make sure that you note which finger and what hand she wears the ring on.
  • If you are certain that your fiancée already wears other rings, then a tapered candle can be a great way of ascertaining her ring size. Slip one of the rings that she often wears over the tapered candle and then mark with a pen where the ring sits on the candle. With the use of this simple prop your fiancée’s ring size can be easily deciphered.
  • Your fiancée’s clothing size is a great tool for judging her finger size, so next time she leaves the room try and sneak a peek at what size clothing she is wearing.
  • Another handy trick in estimating your fiancée’s ring size is to have a small bar of soap with you and when you are left unattended, quickly press the ring into the soap, ensuring to make an imprint. Make sure you wipe the soap residue off the ring so as not to give yourself away!
  • A creative way of uncovering your fiancée’s ring size is to ask one of her friends to pretend she is beginning to look for an engagement ring and to take your fiancée with her and whilst they are browsing the jewellery stores to have her friend tell her to take her finger size, just for the future!
  • When shopping for an engagement ring for your fiancée it is always good to have a picture of her with you, as here at Varoujan, we are able to assess her ring size through viewing a picture of her and her hand.

So if you want your proposal to remain a surprise, ensure you try one if not a few of the above steps to ensure your fiancée’s ring size is as accurate as possible so that your ‘on bended knee’ wasn’t for nothing!