How things will change the face of retail jewellery

We are of the belief that people are becoming more and more aware of service, good service. Simply showing people what you have in stock, is proving short of expectations.

People want something that is different, that will make them feel special about themselves. As you walk around Sydney, or any major city in the world, you cannot help but notice that all jewellery windows look the same. The stock is mass produced in China, India or Thailand, whilst quality of workmanship is constantly improving in these manufacturing countries, design remains ordinary.

The fact that they are really mass produced and sold to thousand of jewellers around the world, makes one think twice about the investment value of the piece.

Promoting the individual, the different, has always driven us (Varoujan jewellers) to try and come up with simple ideas to personalize your jewellery.

Listening and hearing what you want your jewellery to mean to you is our forte. As a child, my passion was to hear older people tell stories, I used to drift into the story, feeling and becoming one with it. This ability has grown with me into a very unique talent. “Varoujan designs for you” with love passion and energy rarely ever paralleled.

We strive to design an heirloom, to be proudly worn now, and to be passed down to generations to come.

Come and join the experience, we promise to let you live your jewellery dream through us…