When proposing to someone, the whole process of trying to save up, find an ideal ring, and commit to being married can seem scary to some people, whereas others are not bothered and are excited. Traditionally, men would put a large sum of money into getting the perfect diamond engagement ring (or even a bespoke engagement ring) for their wives.

Some couples prefer to look for a ring together just to save any issues that may come down the track, like if a partner were to not like the ring at all, or if you were to get the incorrect ring size.

In this article, we will be taking a look at different ways you can go about finding your partner’s ring size and why ring sizes actually matter a lot when wearing jewellery.

Does Ring Size Matter That Much?

To put things simply, yes. The size of your ring needs to be the right size for your finger, or else you would be very likely to expect it to be uncomfortable or fall off. The worst-case scenario is usually a ring being way too big and just falling cleanly off the hand never to be found again. Quite comically, in movies and TV, a wife would be washing the dishes and her ring would slip and fall down the drain never to be retrieved.

If a ring is too tight, it would be very uncomfortable sitting on your finger all day and can even restrict blood flow to the finger leading to some serious problems. Also, a perfect fitting ring is just going to look - well, perfect.

You can always get a ring to be resized, although this can sometimes be quite costly. The best thing to do is to properly measure your fingers and find the right size from the very start. When resizing a ring to be smaller, there are actually different ways to go about it.

One way is to insert “beads” or other materials on the inside of the ring in order to get rid of some space on the inside. More professional ways may include actually cutting the band and bringing it together, making it shorter.

To make a ring larger, it can sometimes be a bit more complicated. You will often have to take your ring to a jeweller for them to make some cuts in order to open the band up further.

Doing Things in Surprise

For some people, proposing with a ring is the most ideal way to do it. They want to completely surprise their partner with the perfect fitting ring without them knowing a thing about it.

This can be hard though, depending on the situation. If your partner happens to have rings that they already wear, try to take them and either go and get the ring measured at a jeweller or make some measurements yourself.

This would obviously be hard if they have only one or two rings that they wear all the time and that they would notice would be gone. You’re in luck if they have quite a larger collection of rings. 

If that’s the case, keep in mind that some rings that aren’t getting worn as much might be because they are too big or small, so it’s best to actually grab it and compare it with a ring that they wear all the time. If it’s the same size, then you should be safe to get some measurements.

When measuring a ring by yourself, there are a couple of ways to go about doing it. You can print out a page that has rows of circles of different sizes, each showing the size it would be as a ring. You could then compare a real ring to the circles on the page. Another way is to actually measure the diameter of the ring with measuring tape or a ruler.

One of the best ways is if you just so happen to possess a ring measuring tool, which is probably unlikely. A ring measuring tool is a stick that can be used to measure a ring by dropping a ring down it and seeing where it stops based on the thickness.

Asking To Get Measurements

If you aren’t that into surprising your partner and are a bit more casual with things then there are a few ways to measure their ring size without things being too unusual. 

One way is by planning a day to go out somewhere, like the city. Start by casually walking and shopping around and eventually make your way into a jewellery store. Make things not seem so obvious, and eventually have yourself and your partner try on rings - but by getting the ring size first.

The main thing to remember with that method is by trying to act as cool and as casual as possible, not giving any hints. 

Another way is by subtly asking what their ring size is, whilst not making anything too obvious or out of the blue. Perhaps try to talk about something on the same topic and then slowly talk about rings and if they know what their ring size is.

Finally, one way is to simply propose to them - but without a ring. Maybe go on a nice trip somewhere, and start a deep conversation and say that you would like to marry them. If they are mature and understanding, they will be totally fine with you not having a ring and preferring you both to go out and choose one. 


Sometimes, asking someone to marry you and get ready for the engagement period can be more nerve-racking than your actual wedding day. The hype and build-up beforehand can be tense, but also really exciting. Just take things slow and try not to overthink things too far as you can be our own worst enemy.

Remember, the right ring size is going to be essential for being satisfied with your purchase, so in order to buy the right ring, you are going to have to know what the correct size for your partner’s finger is.

Here’s a recap of what we just discussed:

  • Ring size does matter. If a ring is too small, it can lead to lots of discomforts and even cause skin and circulation problems. A ring that is too large can easily fall off, meaning that you would lose thousands upon thousands of dollars.
  • If you want to find out your partner’s ring size in secret, there are a few things you can do. Grabbing some rings that they have when they’re not around and getting them measured, and casually making them measure their finger at a jeweller.
  • You can also be upfront and honest with your partner and just propose without a ring, and be able to choose the right ring together.

A ring is something that is always going to be very symbolic of marriage and love in many different cultures. And ideally, a marriage should last forever. That is why it would be a great idea to choose the perfect ring from the start. Also, this ring that is chosen can be passed down from generation to generation and become something that can be associated with your family.

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