Giving a diamond ring at an engagement ceremony is a long-standing custom. Once mere graphite millions of years ago, these diamonds underwent tremendous pressure and temperature, forming dazzling crystalline diamonds. Over time, these radiant gemstones gained immense popularity owing to their enchanting allure and mesmerizing brilliance.

From the ancient Romans, who believed diamonds were fragments of stars falling from the sky, to the modern world, where lab-grown diamonds have been produced to make the large gemstone accessible to the masses, these precious stones have traversed a remarkable journey. Despite the passage of time, their value has only been appreciated. These exquisite diamonds find a special purpose in engagement rings, symbolizing blessed unions.

While these rings are available in various cuts and possess distinctive characteristics, presenting a 7-carat diamond ring to one's beloved is an extravagant gesture. Such a substantial ring demands a significant investment, making it imperative to care for to preserve its lustrous radiance for generations to come. 

Some Essential Tips to Follow to Keep Your Ring in Its Best Shape

Caring for a 7-carat diamond ring proves challenging, particularly for women accustomed to regularly wearing such a valuable jewel. The presence of this extravagant ring raises numerous uncertainties and inquiries about its maintenance and preservation. The heightened monetary worth attached to the diamond ring only amplifies the wearer's concern regarding its care and cleanliness. 

This article aims to provide essential tips women can adopt to ensure their engagement ring retains its value over time without compromise.

  1. Clean with Soap: It is common knowledge that the cut holds the most importance out of the 4Cs of a diamond. The cut is flawless, but the shine starts to disappear over the years. The major issue is the dirt and grime that gathers over the crystal with regular wear. It is essential to thoroughly, and carefully clean the gem to restore its original shine. 

To begin, make a weak detergent or soap solution and soak the ring in it for a few hours, preferably overnight. Remove the ring and gently rub the gem with a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt. After rubbing, rinse the ring and dry it with a soft cloth. 

  1. Taking the ring off for certain occasions: It is best to take your ring off for certain activities, especially swimming. 

Swimming lowers your body temperature, causing the finger to shrink and the ring to fall off in the pool. Moreover, take off your ring in situations where the jewel might get damaged. Contrary to common belief, diamonds can chip and fracture, thus, removing the ring is ideal to avoid such damage.

  1. Insurance and resizing: A stone of this size should be insured immediately after purchase. Experts recommend insurance since it proves helpful in unexpected scenarios, like theft or damage. Another diamond ring care suggestion is to get them resized. Resizing may be necessary if the ring feels particularly unfastened, in which case it may develop scratches or other abnormalities. It is usually preferable to adjust the diamond ring appropriately to avoid such a circumstance. 
  2. Prong check once every year: Experts recommend that prongs be checked almost every year to ensure the ring is in perfect shape. While prong checking is a preventive measure, it is not a requirement for some classic settings of rings. You can also check the prongs daily or weekly by simple observation.

Diamonds Are Forever, After All

Having a 7-carat diamond ring holds significant worth and value. Something of such tremendous importance demands attention and care of the highest quality. At Varoujan Jewellers, we ensure your ring stays in its best shape for a long time. We know these rings' sentiments for the wearers, and we take utmost responsibility for providing excellent services. Reach out to us now to avail these services so you can cherish your diamond ring for a lifetime.