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Varoujan Jewellers are Sydney jewellery creatives of unique design and flawless quality providing exceptional service. We pride ourselves on creating luxurious yet timeless pieces, unlike anything you have seen before from a jewellery maker in Sydney.


Pristine Diamonds

Transform your engagement ring design with an exceptional diamond, handpicked by our expert jewellers.

Unrivalled clarity makes our diamonds a cut above the rest.



Our love for fine quality jewellery fires the passion we have to ensure our craftsmanship is of the utmost perfection while still paying homage to traditional jewellery making techniques. When it comes to the best custom engagement rings in Sydney, Varoujan is undeniably the place to go.

About Us



Our custom made jewellery involve a process like no other. Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for ideas, our jewellery designers will be able to work with you to create an elegant design. Our bespoke jewellery designs work to ensure harmonious flow between diamonds and stones, creating a stunning visual.


It’s all in the details. Intricate details are what take an peice sush as an engagement ring to the next level. This is the key to making your piece unique and personal to you. Whether for show or for your eyes only, you will fall in love with the details of your bespoke piece.


With the design decided on, our master in-house Sydney jewellers will start creating your piece. We craft, set and finish your creation all by hand ensuring a result that meets our high standards and expectations – all of which is what makes our work so famous.

Not All Diamonds Are Created Equal

Our sorting process is meticulous to guarantee we only use the best diamonds available.

Analytical & Financial

In a highly competitive market, it is our responsibility to deliver the Varoujan client with the finest quality diamond optimizing on budget parameters. 

Uncompromised Grading

We offer GIA-certified diamonds, the only grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide. This guarantees confident purchasing and peace of mind that you are getting exactly the quality of diamond that you paid for.
Other laboratories’ grading of stones can be compromised, we offer diamonds with GIA certification. 

The Diamond Buying Process 

The forefront of the buying process is integrity, ethical sourcing in the Twentieth Century is paramount. We legitimately certify that each diamond offered adheres to the Kimberly Process.

Impartial Sourcing

We search far and wide for our diamonds and we only stock diamonds from ethical sources. Diamonds are famously categorized by the Four C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. In terms of Cut, Colour and Clarity there is a range of tolerance, at Varoujan Jewellers we use our expertise in the selection process ensuring each diamond sits within the highest level of each category.



Varoujan Jewellers are multi-award-winning Sydney jewellery designers with accolades from Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Diamond Guild of Australia and the Jeweller’s Association of Australia.


Varoujan Difference

Founded in 1977, we have worked to build our unrivalled reputation based on our love of superior diamonds, exclusive designs and expert craftsmanship.

Our team specialise in providing quality white and coloured diamonds along with precious gemstones that perfectly complement our designs. In-house designers work closely with you to create customised masterpieces that showcase your stones elegantly, harmoniously and perfectly blended.

Varoujan Jewellers understand that creating your own custom jewellery piece is intensely personal. That is why we treat all of our customers with respect, care and integrity, ensuring that you have the best experience possible, That’s the Varoujan difference.

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