Titanium rings have become quite a phenomenon in recent years, spanning from their first commercial production just over 50 years ago, they have achieved quite a reputation within the jewellery world. Titanium is known for its various unique properties, including its lightweight nature, corrosion-resistant quality, being hypoallergenic and also having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any crystalline metal. Titanium, in its purest form, is as strong as steel, however is 45% lighter and compared to aluminium is 60% heavier yet twice as strong.

This modern metal is constructed in jewellery using solid bars, sheets or tubes of titanium, which are then cut into the preferred shape and size. Titanium is a very versatile metal, working beautifully alongside gold and platinum as well as working in an array of designs for both men and women.

Titanium is also a very versatile metal in regards to its ability to change colour. The process of titanium changing colour is known as anodization, whereby an oxide film forms on the surface of the titanium via an electrolytic process which creates the colour. This process of anodization occurs after the titanium piece of jewellery has been created and transforms titianium from its original colour, generally silver, into a variety of tones.

Something to keep in mind when purchasing a titanium wedder is the fact that Titanium wedding bands are not able to be resized due to its strength, so if this is something that would bother you, perhaps a gold or platinum wedding band may suit you more.

Titaniums weightlessness is a great feature, especially for someone who is not used to wearing jewellery or does not want to feel weighed down by a heavier gold or platinum counterpart. Titanium is also a metal which will remain itself, being corrosion-resistant and thus not being affected by sweat or solvent, removing the worry of having to care for your ring.

So if you believe that this ‘super’ metal could be the right choice for you or your partner make sure to visit the Varoujan Boutique to view our range of titanium wedding bands in an array of designs and metal composites. If you are still unsure about this ‘indestructible’ metal, feel free to visit our Boutique where you can experience the wedders in all their glory and feel more comfortable in your choice.