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Wedding Ring

Symbol of your love

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your love, promise and commitment to each other. It is also a symbol of your unique style and personality. It is important for your jewellery designer to capture your heartfelt emotions by adding a personal touch to make your wedding rings unique and true to you. Varoujan master designers will create your custom wedding ring with the care and attention you require for such an important purchase.

Contact Varoujan Jewellers to learn more about our custom wedding ring design process, diamond and gemstone options or to see more weddings rings available.


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Our custom engagement rings involve a process like no other. Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for ideas, our master jewellers will be able to work with you to create an elegant design. Our unique designs work to ensure harmonious flow between diamonds and stones, creating a stunning visual.


It’s all in the details. Intricate details are what take a design to the next level. This is the key to making your piece unique and personal to you. Whether for show or for your eyes only, you will fall in love with the details of your bespoke piece.


With the design decided on, our master in-house jewellers will start creating your piece. We craft, set and finish your creation all by hand ensuring a result that meets our high standards and expectations – all of which is what makes our Syndey engagement rings so famous.

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