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Women, in all the ways, need no reason to look beautiful and attractive. And when it is about their wedding – the ‘biggest’ day of their life, the pursuit for that ‘most special’ look starts taking all of their attention and feelings. No girl wants to leave a single stone unturned when it comes to choosing the best and of course, the most especially unique wedding ensemble. But, still, it is a precious element of every girl’s wedding dream. They have to give in their best in order to look the most beautiful bride ever. Weddings means lots of shopping, beautiful dresses, delicious food and not to forget, the arrangements on top of all this. One wants to put in his or her best to everything from food to dresses to attractive jewelry. To make sure that one doesn’t fall behind the important tasks, it is important to be sure of the things you require to buy, in advance.

When it comes to jewelry, it should complement your personality as well as your wedding dress. Necklaces are an integral part of your wedding jewelry, adding the much needed touch of elegance. Ordinary necklaces leave a lot to be desired in the overall look. A Drop necklace from Varoujan imparts a majestic look to your wedding jewelry.

Splendid Drop necklaces from this reputed jewelry designer in Sydney feature long, studded chains embracing your neck. Also, a highly embellished diamond pendant suspended through a long internal drop. This shimmering piece adds that much needed grace to your wedding ensemble. Along with the glitz, this necklace will offer you a look that perfectly fits your breath-taking occasion for life.



Varoujan Jewellers are well known for our stand out diamond rings, however, we excel in all aspects of jewellery design. Whether you are looking for a beautiful statement piece or something a little more special, like a custom made design, our team are available to help.



We understand how personal jewellery is and that is why we take such care to ensure our customers are completely happy with their Varoujan experience. View below pieces from our ladies accessories collection. Contact our professional team at Varoujan Jewellers to learn more about our accessories or to see how we can help you create a one-off bespoke piece.


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Our custom made jewellery involve a process like no other. Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for ideas, our jewellery designers will be able to work with you to create an elegant design. Our bespoke jewellery designs work to ensure harmonious flow between diamonds and stones, creating a stunning visual.


It’s all in the details. Intricate details are what take an peice sush as an engagement ring to the next level. This is the key to making your piece unique and personal to you. Whether for show or for your eyes only, you will fall in love with the details of your bespoke piece.


With the design decided on, our master in-house Sydney jewellers will start creating your piece. We craft, set and finish your creation all by hand ensuring a result that meets our high standards and expectations – all of which is what makes our work so famous.

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