Sapphires have been putting smiles on kings and queens faces for millennia.

The latest addition is the crown princess of Great Britain, Kate Middleton wears Lady Diana’s Sapphire cluster ring.

Women all around the world are excited to put a little colour on their jewellery, Sapphires are a perfect candidate for a multitude of reasons.

Sapphires are the hardest of Gemstones.

Sapphires come in all different colours.

You can have

Purple Sapphires. Green Sapphires and colour change Sapphires are other examples.

Sapphires are also mined in different locations and each region produces a special hue.

  • Madascan Sapphires are vibrant Blue
  • Ceylon Sapphires have that attractive ink blur colour
  • Australian Sapphires are dark blue.
  • Burmese Sapphires are beautiful Corn flower Blue.

Examples of Sapphire Certificates

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