D, E and F are the rarest of diamonds. They show no colours, and face up extremely white.

G and H colour diamonds are white showing no colours, extremely lively in appearance. Next to a D colour diamond, they will show a tint of colour, however with no whiter diamonds to compare them to, they face up extremely white.

I and J colour diamonds show a definite tint of yellow or brown. More so in fancy shapes than in round diamonds because the pointed edges in fancy diamonds show more concentration of the hue.

K, L and M colour diamonds are quite common and therefore are very affordable, fantastic for people who prefer size over colour.

N – Z colours diamonds show a strong concentration of yellow or brown. Once a diamond fall our of the alphabetical order, it’s considered to be fancy in colour. Dark oranges, canary yellow, vivid pink, red, blue and green are all colours that occur in diamonds which is due to a trace element other than carbon present in the carbon atom of the diamond.

At Varoujan Jewellers, we are certified diamond graders and with the assistance of master set of colours, can show you the difference.