Clarity Of A Diamond

No inclusion or blemish present, absolutely pure. Extremely rare, fetch top prices.

Internally Flawless
No inclusion present. Extremely rare hence the price.

Inclusion approximately 5 micron in size. To most people, not visible under 10x magnification.

VVS2 inclusions to most people, extremely hard to detect under 10x magnification.

Very small inclusions. Under 10x magnification, a novice will have difficulty spotting anything.


Very small inclusions present and visible under 10x magnification, but still with some difficulty

Immediately visible under 10x magnification

Immediately visible under 10x magnification. The industry has become a bit more tolerant with the SI2 grade, we have been seeing SI2 stones lately where a very good eyesight will see the inclusions to the naked eyes, under favourable light conditions.

I1 or PK1
Visible inclusions affecting the brilliance of the diamond.

I2 or PK2
Visible inclusions as above, hardly any light coming from the diamond

I3 or PK3
Visible inclusion all over the stone, looking heavily included and quite dull.

Disclaimer: We have made this very simple for people to understand, hence some of these explanations may vary from the industry standards.